Secure Commercial Door Repair & Grade 1 Hardware Installation

Grade 1 & 2 Knobs and Levers: ADA compliant Commercial Door Repair Hardware Essential for Secure Doors

commercial door repair for door levers and knobs

Ammo Lock & Security has been providing ADA-compliant Grade 1 door levers and door handles repair and replacement services for over a decade. Our experienced technicians possess the knowledge and expertise to ensure your building meets accessibility requirements while maintaining a high level of security. We are dedicated to providing superior customer service and quality craftsmanship on every job.

Our commitment to ADA compliance and security guarantees you an ADA-compliant Grade 1 door lever or handle that will last no matter the replacement need. Don’t trust anyone else to handle your ADA-compliant Grade 1 door lever or door handle repair or replacement. Contact Ammo Lock & Security today for reliable, high-quality commercial door repair services.

Panic Exit Devices: High Security Exit Hardware for Safer Buildings

Commercial door repair of push exit devices

At Ammo Lock & Security, we specialize in panic bar commercial door repair and replacement. We understand that safety and security is of utmost importance in any commercial or industrial space, and our professional team of experienced locksmiths can help you make sure your premises are secure.

We offer high-quality panic bar repair and replacement services and our selection of panic bars come equipped with advanced security features. Our replacement models are built to last, and we will work with you to ensure you get the right equipment to protect your property. With our reliable and knowledgeable service team, combined with our top-notch security solutions, you can rely on us to secure your premises. We service many brands like: Yale, Marks, Corbin Russwin, Von duprin, Detex, Jackson, Dor o matic / Falcon.

Door Closers: Reliable Door Automation Solutions Guaranteed to Last

Commercial Door Repair and replacement of leaking or slamming door closers

At Ammo Lock & Security, we provide quality repair and replacement services for all kinds of door closers. Our experienced team of technicians have the expertise to handle any repair and replacement needs for door closers. With our professional door closer repair and replacement services, you can be sure that your doors will remain securely closed for years to come. We are your trusted partner for commercial door repair and replacement services, ensuring your home or business is safe and secure. Ammo Lock & Security provides top door closer brands for commercial door repair:

  • Norton
  • Stanley
  • LCN

Glass & Aluminum Door Hardware: Stylish & Robust Door Solutions for Every Commercial Setting

Glass and aluminum door lock. Commercial door repair and service

At Ammo Lock & Security, we specialize in commercial door repair and replacing store front aluminum door locks quickly and professionally. Our team of experienced technicians are trained in the latest lock repair and replacement techniques and will work diligently to make sure your aluminum door lock is working correctly and safely.

We are proud to provide our clients with the highest quality service, using the finest materials and cutting-edge security technology to ensure maximum security for your home or office. We strive to provide a stress-free experience, ensuring that you have a secure and reliable locking system. With years in the industry and a commitment to excellence, Ammo Lock & Security is your go-to source for aluminum door Commercial door repair and replacement.

Pushbutton Door Locks: Maintain Safety Without Forgoing Aesthetics

Ammo Lock & Security provides experienced pushbutton commercial lock repair and replacement services. Our team of certified locksmiths will be able to assess any damage or malfunctions with your pushbutton lock and diagnose the best course of action. Whether it is pushbutton lock repair or replacement, we guarantee satisfaction with our workmanship. We believe in timely and efficient customer service. For all of your pushbutton Commercial door repair and replacement needs, Trust Ammo Lock & Security for quick, affordable, and reliable push button lock repair and replacement. 

Pushbutton lock repair and replacement can be an important part of keeping your doors and other areas of your building secure. Whether you require a single lock or multiple locks, Ammo Lock & Security can make sure the job is done correctly. With a variety of solutions at our disposal, including advanced technologies we can provide an effective security solution for any place of business. When looking for reliable commercial door repair and replacement, it is important to find a locksmith with experience and a commitment to quality work. By making sure the job is done right the first time, you can be sure your business is secure and protected.

Multi Key Master Key Systems For Your Business

Sometimes commercial door repair is not needed. Having trouble with keys at your business? Sometimes all that is needed is a lock rekey. A service Where Ammo lock and security comes out and changes the pins in the lock. 

A master key system can provide a number of benefits to any businesses. These versatile systems offer a high level of security and control by allowing administrators to manage different levels of access. They provide convenience, reduce the need for multiple keys and save on valuable employee time spent trying to locate a particular key.

Additionally, master key systems are more cost-effective than traditional key solutions, allowing business owners to save on expenses. As an added benefit, the increased security that comes with a master key system can be used as a valuable marketing tool to attract customers and widen their trust in your company. With the ability to safeguard assets, master key systems make it possible for businesses to remain secure and secure their reputation.

Master Key Systems are security systems designed to manage and secure access to multiple areas throughout a property. These systems use multiple keys, each of which can open multiple locks, or master keys, which can open any lock that the system is designed to control. Each person using the system will have their own individual key as well as access to the master keys.

The system works by assigning different key codes to each person depending on the level of access they need and then programming the locks to work with the key codes. This allows the system to provide secure access to areas only when the correct key is presented. This system is commonly used in residential and commercial buildings, allowing selective access whilst ensuring maximum security.