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Car Key Replacement Laser Key Cutting

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At Ammo Lock & Security, we are excited to offer our customers the latest technology in laser key cutting. Our advanced laser key cutting systems allows us to quickly, accurately, and economically create precise copies of a wide variety of keys. Our laser key cutting services are ideal for businesses, homeowners, and customers with automotive needs. Allowing quick and easy replication of complicated designs and preventive measures to deter illegal duplication.

Our laser key cutting process is an advanced process that guarantees precise cuts and accurate copies of our customers’ original keys. We use a state-of-the-art laser-engraving machine to precisely cut keys based on digital design software. The software also allows us to duplicate intricate designs and patterns, which makes it perfect for proprietary key systems and other high-security needs.

Our laser key cutting services are also extremely fast and cost effective. We can quickly create copies of keys, as well as make any necessary alterations. We also offer custom and specialized key cutting services, ensuring that our customers can get the exact design and number of keys they need. Laser cutting also requires very little maintenance, which helps keep costs low.

Advanced Car Key Programming

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At Ammo Lock & Security, we offer car key replacement programming services to help you make sure you always have a working key for your car. Our experienced team of professionals can quickly and accurately provide you with a car key replacement programming service so you can easily access the comfort and convenience of your vehicle.

At Ammo Lock & Security, we understand how important it is for you to have a working car key for your vehicle, which is why we provide car key replacement programming services. Our team is experienced in providing quick and accurate key programming that ensures you can access your car security with ease. We always use the latest programming technology and equipment to make sure that your car key works every time when you go to use it.

To ensure that you always have a secure and working key for your car, our team of experts also provide a comprehensive diagnostic check which examines the circuitry of your car key to detect any potential outages or faults. If an issue is detected, our team will be able to diagnose it and provide you with the necessary solutions to make sure that your key works as intended.

To make our service even more convenient for our customers, we offer a mobile service that will come out to you, wherever you are.

Many Car Key Options in stock

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Ammo Lock & Security is proud to provide you with in-stock car key options to keep your vehicle safe and secure. We specialize in high security locks such as Transponder keys, proximity keys, and remote keys, and can make car key replacement for most vehicles. High security car keys provide maximum protection from criminals, who often target cars with weak locks and keys.

If you have a late-model vehicle, we can make a transponder key for it. Transponder keys contain a chip that sends a unique code to your vehicle’s computer when you insert it in the ignition. This code must match the code stored in the computer in order for the car to start and the security system to activate. Transponder keys are extremely difficult to duplicate and are virtually impossible to pick, making them highly secure.

For older cars, we can cut and program a key that is replicate resistant. This type of key incorporates a series of grooves and indentations. When the correct key is inserted, it will rotate the cylinder in the correct fashion, and the vehicle will start without any issues.

If you have a car with a Digital Immobilization System, we can cut and program a key for that as well using our advanced car key replacement programming tools.